Monday, October 16, 2017

That's So 70s, Winter Wear - Part 6

The calendar says that it's teh season to start getting your winter wear ready for te upcoming cold season, but the thermometer says that it's still summer (at least here in South Texas).  Help!  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the Big Book catalogs of the 70s ride to the rescue!

It's the Great White North, eh?  Kathy and Karen look absolutely smothered in these super heavy winter coats from Simpsons Sears.  Of course they know a thing or two about warmth plus style for those cold northern winters!

Nice hats!

Colleen gets into the Canadian winter act!

But back in the states, they were wearing something called "melton-cloth".  Doesn't sound too warm to me.

 Back to the warm Canadian winter fashions with Shelley!

Well now we have the choice of fake fur!

Oh no, from fake muskrat to the real thing!

And finally back in teh States with Kathy, Karen, and Dottie.  I feel ready for that cold weather now!