Saturday, May 26, 2018

Let's Get Into Physical: Spiegel Style!!

I....I words for the first pic....

Whoever designed this monstrosity must be laughing his arse off over the thought of people actually going around the house with this thing on.  It looks like a giant blue diaper!  Apparently the idea is that one sweats the pounds off (1).  And you could do this while going about your normal activities like painting or even golf (although I fail to see how one could possibly swing a golf club with that thing on.)

Well at least this "Exer-Lounge" looks like fun.  After all you adjust it for different angles and positions for her comfort......oh wait, this is for Exercise!!  I thought that it was for....uh you know.  Oh well, never mind, THAT was a bit embarrassing.  I need to read the description FIRST before commenting!


(1) Dear readers, please PLEASE don't try to loose weight like this.  It's actually quite dangerous.  If you want to sweat, then just come on down to South Texas in the Summer.  You can get all the sweating action that you want here!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sizzlin' Sears Sleepwear!!

Whoops, I meant Sizzlin' Wards Sleepwear. Somehow that doesn't have the same cache to it...
But Colleen certainly is sizzlin' here!!